About Me -Starr Payne Wadsworth

My name is Starr Payne and I was born and raised in Campbellton, New Brunswick. From a young age, I could feel the urge to express myself… I quickly realized that this was through art. In fact, my closet walls became my secret canvas growing up and were the beginning stages of my self-taught journey as an artist.

My works are mainly acrylics but I also enjoy watercolours, pastels and clay. Primarily, I paint realism but also have a love for taking realism and making it abstract; an abstract realism. I have a strong desire for details, deeply inspired by time passing, especially transient moments (the split second in-between one moment and the next). When I see something that moves me, I paint it, to keep that moment in time forever.

Although I had chosen other career paths, art always found it’s way back to me. In 2013, I pursued my dream and opened an Art Studio called Little Picasso’s where I taught, and still teach, painting to children and adults. My current studio overlooks the Bay of Chaleur and the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Quebec. It’s the perfect atmosphere to stimulate creativity and inspiration.